The Grand Tour
Digital Creative Director

Clarkson’s return to the world’s screens was never going to be a small affair. And neither was the marketing campaign that launched it.

Our digital and social activation of new Amazon Prime show The Grand Tour is making one of the most talked about TV events of the year even more unmissable, around the theme of ‘What could possibly go wrong?’

In the UK our interactive YouTube masthead and homepage takeovers revealed behind-the-scenes content and got fans excited about the launch – and we assisted in the development of partnership activity with The Guardian, Buzzfeed and LADbible.

Building on our social activation of Amazon’s flagship show The Grand Tour, our latest digital experience gives viewers the chance to take the driving seat for their very own virtual grand tour – over land, sea, sand and snow – to anywhere in the world.

Featuring Clarkson, Hammond and May on SatNav duty, the journey uses Google’s Street View to create a unique trip – from the starting point of The Grand Tour’s giant tent, pitched in California’s Mojave Desert, to any famous landmark or location, the user’s home or any other address.

Integrating Google APIs with some intrepid expeditions from the show has helped us create a seamless, highly shareable site that let's the audience experience The Grand Tour like never before. But don’t take our word for it – buckle up and Take Your Own Grand Tour here…

What I did?

Over saw the entire the campaign for digital and social content. 
Concepted the 'Take your own tour' exeprience
UX/Lead designer on 'Take your own tour' experience
Kept the troops happy when we had those late nights before launch! 😄

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