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Creative Director / Design Lead

Like a lot of our web based clients they tend to mange their own sites. However we are often brought in to assist with branding, UX and design. For motors we gave them a complete re-design for the entire site. Delivering digital brand guidelines, new UX features and a set of page layouts that would allow them to refresh their site.

An interactive, multi-device, digital experience that highlights the dangers of distracted driving. In recognising that mobile phones have become second nature to most people it was important to look at how interacting with hand-held devices can also cause significant hazards when driving.

We partnered with and created a multi-device driving experience that mimics common scenarios whilst adding in hazard prompts to time your reaction speed. When users begin the experience, they’re asked to provide their phone number and log in using Facebook, so that scores can be compared to friends within their region in real time. The game then takes the user on a virtual car ride, testing their attention and reflexes.

Once a user was fully immersed in the “game” we would trigger a phone call to their mobile  (using the twilio API) to test their level of distraction and when the phone was answered, an accident would be triggered on-screen with campaign messaging bringing to the users attention the consequences of distracted driving.

Additionally the larger ambition of the campaign is to gather 100,000 signatures to an online petition with to hopefully mandate the creation of a national safety campaign that highlights the dangers and impact of using a hand-held device while driving.

What I did?
Design director on re-brand
Concept and design for experience
Built client relationships